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Department of designing of machine-tools, mechanical engineering Institute conducts effective cooperation with German firm "heidenhein", whose interests in Ukraine the firm is "Gertner Service GmbH". Along with the main work on advancement on the market of Ukraine of high-quality product, supply of equipment, materials, spare parts, tools, the firm is doing a lot for popularization of these products, the training and retraining of personnel. The training is conducted within the framework of the corresponding contract on cooperation with the Department.
Firm "heidenhein" specializiruetsya in the manufacture of control systems for CNC machines, high-precision measurements of linear and angular displacements, test leads, digital display and other equipment for machine tools with program management.

In the framework of the cooperation agreement the Department of designing of machine-tools, mechanical engineering faculty, together with the firm "heidenhein" held scientific and technical seminar to introduce students and lecturers with the latest developments of the company and new developments, including methods of staff training.
The seminar was attended by representatives of the company "Gertner Service GmbH" Naumenko A. L., V. A. Shved, head of the Department Professor V. B. strutynsky, Deputy Director of MMI Okhrimenko, A. A., senior students, teachers, leading specialists of enterprises, members of the Youth segment of the National network for technology transfer. The youth segment operates in NTUU "KPI" in 2012 at the Department of designing tools and machines and carries out work on formation of technological profiles of the National network for technology transfer. Directions of work of the Youth segment correspond to the issues discussed at the seminar. In particular, it was presented information on the element base of mechatronic control systems of machine tools.

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