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•Written by Administrator• ••Thursday•, 25 •June• 2015•



Dear Applicants!!!

National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" accepts your documents even at night - submit electronic documents anywhere, anytime! Electronic statement fully equivalent to paper (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science №1172 - http://zakon2.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/z1390-14/paran15#n15), all submitted application you can view in a private office and monitor the situation using a rating site vstup.info (information updated every 24 hours).

As of June 18, 2015 decided the possibility scoring graduates FDP when submitting electronic applications.

Advantages of electronic since:
• saving your time;
• no queues and hot corridors;
• any costs of making copies and photographs;
• the ability to apply anywhere and boules convenient time.

If you have any questions - please call hotline faculties and institutes - http://kpi.ua/board-telephone.

In the future will develop the best electronic filing of applications that you can download on the official website of "KPI" and across departments and institutions. Use the site http://ez.osvitavsim.org.ua/ be the date of admission documents (07.10.2015).

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