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Notable alumni of the Chair


During its existence the department has trained thousands of engineers for the economy, many of them became leaders of industry, scientists, professors. Among them:

Vladziyevskyy AP - DT n., Director ЭNYMS (Moscow)
Harf ME - Head of the Institute for Mechanics of Ukraine;
M. Leach - Ph.D., head of the CPI;
Leshchenko VA - Professor;
Plashey GI - Head of SCB automatic lines (Minsk);
Tatariv YM - Chief Designer SCB automatic lines (Minsk);
Tarasynkevych PP - Director KZVA (Kyiv);
Tereshchenko AI - Head of SCB BA (Kyiv);
Voronenko MS - Director of Plant (Lviv), Director of the Research Institute RBM "Prodmash";
Burlyay Y. - Professor KPI;
Domrachev AF - Professor KPI;
V. Chkalov - Professor KPI;
Y. Kuznetsov - Professor KPI;
Fedorets VA - Ph.D. Professor, Head of the CPI;
Umansky ES - Professor KPI;
Rawska NS - Ph.D. Professor, Head of the CPI;
YV Petrakov - Ph.D. Professor, Head of the CPI;
Yurovetskyy EB - Ph.D. Professor, Head of the Kaliningrad Institute;
Chaimovich YM - Ph.D. Professor zaviduvachkafedroyu Tula Polytechnic Institute;
Chaimovich EM - Ph.D. Professor, Head of the CPI;
Chaly Prilutsky-AN - Ph.D. Professor Vladimir Polytechnic Institute;
Starodub MP - Dr. Ch. PA engineer them. SP Korolev;
Kuharets AV - Ch. Designer Berdichev, Zhytomyr and then machine-tool factories;
Sydorko VI - Dr. Sc.. Dep. Director General of the ISM them. MV Bakul;
Klimenko EM - Advisor to the State Committee of Industrial Policy of Ukraine;
Salenko AF - Dr. Sc.., Dean of the Kremenchug State Polytechnic University and Associate of the Institute of Economics and new technologies;
Lepetyuk AL - Gene. director of BMS Consulting Ltd .;
Salute VG - Director of engineering firm "Art";
Mashtalir AM - Gene. director of "TIVANA";
Abilov RN - Gene. director of "Oil";
Bezruchko AM - Vice President of JSC "VERCON";
Kozel VL - Director of CTC "Machine-tool";
Roschin LM - Candidate. Sc.., Head KTTSV;
Basarab VH - Director of State Enterprise "Education";
Tsyporenko VA - Head CB machine tools and many others.
The department also successfully preparing highly qualified personnel for foreign countries. Among the graduates of post-graduate students who defended their dissertations should be called Wang Ching-Tina and Lee-Chang-Qi (China), Ramaswamy Kankesha (India) Nguyen Ba Thanh Phuc Pham and there (Vietnam), Peter Zauervalda (GDR) Manuel Fernandes (Angola), Al - Rishyni Hussein and Al-Dahab Farooq (Lebanon), Waleed Al Romadan and Refo Ibrahim (Jordan), Ali Dzhaaluk (Syria), P. M.Nedelcheva (Bulgaria), Sami Amin Moh'd Moh'd Ihmish (Palestine) and others.


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