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Outstanding scientists

Vladimir Fedorets

Fedorets Vladimir was born March 27, 1925 in the village Hradyzhsk in Poltava in peasant sim''yi and the beginning of World War II managed to finish nine classes. In 1941 appeared in the occupied territories and two years avoided on the exchange of labor. Eventually it caught the police and he was in Germany, in a concentration camp "Oberaden" near Dortmund, where he worked as a laborer in a coal mine. After the defeat of Nazi Germany was liberated from the camp and sent to Siberia, where he worked as an accountant in the trust "Stalinskprombud" in the Kemerovo region. Only in September 1947 Vladimir received permission to return to his family in Poltava, the same year he joined the ranks of the Komsomol. In 1948, he graduated from high school and Hradyzhsku entered the Engineering Pedagogical Faculty of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, and a year studying in the CPI, entered the correspondence department of Kyiv State Pedagogical Institute, specialty "Mathematics and Physics", which ends in 1951. VA Fedorets began working as a teacher in high school №66 Kyiv city, while continuing to study in the CPI. After the CPI in 1953 he was sent to work as a teacher of engineering college in town Ossipenko for admission to postgraduate department of machine tools KPI. Since then he has not parted with the CPI. He works as a scientific secretary of the Institute, and in 1963 he became a lecturer machines - first as a senior lecturer, then Professor, Head of Department.

In 1961, VA Fedorets defended his thesis "Study of hydraulic avtooperatoriv to multi-spindle automatic lathes".

He is actively teaching, methodical and scientific work. His organizational skills clearly manifested in the creation of specialty "Hydraulic and hidropnevmoavtomatyka" at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering KPI. In 1965, the Department has been organized and hydraulic drive hidropnevmoavtomatyky, obov''yazky head of which was to perform VA Fedorets. For successful research, teaching and social work awarded the Diploma of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the USSR, with "Winner of socialist competition" Diploma of Central Union.

He is actively engaged in social work: at various times was chairman of the local committee of the CPI, the secretary of the party organization of Mechanical Engineering (Member of the CPSU since 1963), deputy chairman of the city committee of the Communist Party methodical commission of robotics, dean of the University of technological progress.

In 1976, he returned to the chair of machines and performs obov''yazky its head (1976 ... 1979). Actively scientific work and in 1983 defended his doctoral thesis on "cycle control software and machine tools hidropnevmopryvodom".

In 1985, again heads the department of machine tools. Clearly focusing in areas of machine tools, introduces a new discipline, creates new lab. The department receives the name of the department of machine tools and equipment GMS.

In 1994, the decree of the President of Ukraine

B. A. Fedortsyu awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine".

Research directions VA Fedortsya was to develop, research and application of hidropnevmoavtomatyky in mechanical engineering. He led the work on development schemes based management system elements jet "Volga" for tokarnorevolvernoho Machine cycle of program management model 1416TS. The machine was launched into mass production in Berdychiv Machine-Tool Plant "Komsomolets" and received an award ENEA USSR. Development oscillator harmonic vibrations to detect resonance frequencies missile pipelines for NGOs "Energy" was marked appreciation chief designer of the spacecraft Academician V. Glushko. However, he developed ENIMSom komandoaparaty jet, but for Kiev factory "Bolshevik" control system for inkjet elements for blow molding machines for the manufacture of plastic products.

Digital actuators, pneumatic, hydraulic, pnevmohidravlychni for various equipment, developed for machine-tool plant "Komsomolets" (city of Berdichev), Chemical Engineering Plant "Progress" (Berdichev city), AvtoVAZ (Togliatti city, Russia).

In komandoaparat designed to Berdichev plant "Progress" received a patent UK.

B. A. Fedorets over 100 scientific papers, 36 patents Soviet Union, many of which are embedded in the industry.

Under the leadership of VA Fedortsya by 5 candidate and 1 doctoral thesis.

Ephraim Chaimovich

Chaimovich Ephraim was born April 1, 1900 in the village Nehayivka Sosnytsya district in Chernihiv family servant, bookkeeper. Since 1905 sim''ya lived in Zhitomir.

In 1919, EM Chaimovich graduated from Zhitomir Commercial College, then worked as a teacher in schools in Zhitomir.

In 1922, he was seconded Union "RABOTOUHOS" and Volyn Hubprofradoyu study in the CPI, graduating in 1926, specializing in "Metal Cutting Machines". Assigned to the shipyard in Nikolayev, where he worked until December 1931 and taught at the same time in the evening department of the Mykolayiv Shipbuilding Institute.

After defending his thesis "Study kromkostruhalnyh machines" was transferred to the position of supervisor of metal cutting sector UkrNDIMash, where he worked until 1935. At the same time he worked since 1932. Professor evening Kiev Industrial Institute, since 1937 - the Kiev Industrial Institute.

The organizer and the first head of the Department of machines CPI was Acting duties of Professor A. Rabinovich, and one of the first teachers - Acting Professor EM duties Chaimovich The research EM Chaimovich in machine tools and aircraft and was due choice of one of the main areas of research: the study of the hydraulic drive machines. When the department was established as a small design office, which has developed several types of drawing machines.

When KPI successfully operated VNITOMASH cell, which included professors, associate professors, lecturers and researchers of the Institute. VNITOMASH members, among whom was EM Chaimovich organized in 1934 Kiev regional branch and led most of its committees. EM Chaimovich led committee equipment.

YE.M. Chaimovich research on the theory of structures and mechanisms and hydraulic machines hidroavtomatyky over issues related to hidrokopiyuvalnyh devices for the treatment of complex shaped forms.

In 1936 published the book EM Chaimovich "Hydraulic drives in machine tools," in 1937 - "boring machines, their research and calculation".

In 1939, EM Chaimovich doctorate of hydraulic servo systems and machine tools in 1940 was approved in the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences and the title of Professor. From 1938 to 1941 Professor EM Chaimovich was Dean of MMF. During this period he organized laboratory hydraulic machines.

During the Great Patriotic War, from 1941 to 1944 at the Department of the Institute were evacuated to Tashkent, where squares fit to the Central Asian Industrial Institute. At this time EM Chaimovich became head of the department of machine tools.

The Institute, and with it the chair back to Kyiv in August 1944. The school was destroyed. I had to restore destroyed classroom and laboratory equip them with the necessary equipment and devices.

Department staff in the postwar years conducted extensive scientific work and work to assist the industry in developing new technical equipment.

In 1947 published the book EM Chaimovich "Hydraulic actuators machines" in 1950. "Hidroavtomatyka copy machines," in 1953, "Hydraulic and hidroavtomatyka machines." In 1957, scientific work EM Chaimovich published in Czechoslovakia in 1957 ... 1959 out 3 books for schools "Olhydraulik". Publication Manual repeat in 1965 and 1968. In 1965, the book EM Chaimovich issued in the UK and France.

Much of his life dedicated EM Chaimovich hidropnevmoavtomatytsi realizing its importance not only for machine tools, but also for other areas of technology and economy. He initiated the creation in 1965 of the Department KPI hidropnevmoavtomatyky, the first head of which was his disciple prof. AF Domrachev.

In all scientific and engineering development department is actively involved not only the EM Chaimovich, but his graduate students. EM Chaimovich trained more than 30 postgraduate students from around the world. Students EM Chaimovich later successfully engaged in scientific work, many of them founded the scientific school, doctorate (VK Kulik, A. Timchenko, AF Domrachev, VA Fedorets, B . Chkalov, N. Starodub, Lee Chang Qi (China), N. Leach, VB Strutynsky).

For achievements in scientific and educational activities EM Chaimovich awarded the Order "Badge of Honor" and the medal "For Labor Valor".

There. M. Chaimovich headed the department until 1976, then worked as a professor and consultant to the last days of his life.

Before his 80th birthday EM Chaimovich had over 100 published works, including more than 20 books published in the USSR and abroad.

EM Chaimovich died July 16, 1980. He created a scientific school with hydraulic machines known in many countries and successfully develops and operates.


Spine Gleb

Spine Gleb was born on May 16, 1918 in the town of Pervomaisk in Mykolaiv region.

In 1941 GA Spine successfully graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Engineering.

And the Great Patriotic War.

Mr. A. His back was sent to study at the Kiev Artillery School.

After the Artillery School GA Spine himself at the front, in the very hell of war.

Having fought half of Europe, he ended the war with the rank of lieutenant of artillery, and was discharged in 1948 as a captain already.

After that terrible war from the start to the finish, GA His back was awarded two medals and seventeen medals, including three combat.

After demobilization GA Spine worked at the Institute of Physics, USSR Academy of Sciences as a chief designer.

In 1949 ... 1951's he designed and created the first principle in the USSR lathe program management based on magnetic recording. Report this job GA His back gave in 1953 at the Scientific and Technical Council ENIMS "STANKIN".

From 1957 to 1969 G. Spine worked as head of the Institute of Automation USSR Ministry of instrument-making industry.

Under his leadership, together with the Institute of Cybernetics of the USSR, the work was performed for the creation of digital program control Gas cutting machine "Vanguard" by Nicholas shipyard. Done well as works on design automation technology for machine tools with program management.

During 1969 ... 1982 GA Spine worked as head of the Institute of Electric them. Paton. In the years under his supervision was the first in the USSR industrial robot for welding model YЭS-960, which entered the catalog "Modern robots", published in Moscow in 1984.

The subsequent scientific activity G. His back on the theory and practice of creating robotic technology systems for machine tools.

PhD thesis on "Automatic control machines using magnetic recording" GA Spine defended in Kiev Polytechnic Institute in 1957.

In 1969, G. Spine defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science on "Research and development of digital systems to automate the design and manufacture of machinery parts." Title Professor he received in 1981. In 1979, at the suggestion of the Department of machine tools KPI GA Spine first time in Ukraine created and began teaching the course "Industrial robots", and in 1982 began working at the department as a professor KPI.

Over the years, research activities G. His back has published over 140 scientific papers including monograph is "Promyshlennye robots quarrel" (1977). For a series of books on robotics G. His back was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine on Science and Technology for 1996. In addition to the above, in the scientific heritage GA back for another eight textbooks and monographs.

Mr. A. His back has trained six candidates and two doctors of technical sciences. He was awarded the title of Distinguished Lecturer KPI. As a prominent figure in science and technology, GA His back was getting a lifetime government scholarship.

Mr. At His back had diverse hobbies. He loved to travel. In delegations he visited many countries. GA is also fond of photography Spine.

GA Life Spine ended August 16, 2006.

Until recently, GA His back was dedicated, working as a professor, consultant Department "Design tools and machines" of "KPI".

Michael Orlikov

Orlikov Michael was born September 9, 1911 in Elisavetgrad (now - Kirovograd) Kherson province in sim''yi teacher. In dev''yat years left an orphan and raised his elder brother.

He graduated from the seven-year school in Kirovohrad and in 1927 entered the Kiev mechanical college, after which in 1930 worked as a technician on the equipment at the Kiev Machine-Building Plant named after Artem.

In 1933, he entered the second year of the CPI, which ended in "Metal Cutting Machines" with honors and received the recommendation to graduate school.

Until 1945 he worked in the design office Kiev stankozavod Gorky, was engaged in designing automatic machines that were introduced into production. For his work in the factory ML Orlikov was twice awarded an A certificate of socialist competition USSR People's Commissariat of machine tools.

M. L. Orlikov actively engaged in research and in 1939 the job was a postgraduate student of Polytechnic Institute, where his supervisor was Professor EM Chaimovich.

International Student interrupted by World War II. Together with the plant ML Orlikov was evacuated to the Urals city of Kyzyl and only in 1945 did not want to graduate school classes.

In 1947, he defended his thesis "Studies idle passages Single spindle turning machines" and began working at the department of machine tools Kiev Polytechnic Institute, first as an assistant, and since 1954 - Associate Professor.

Being engaged in teaching, he broke communicate with native plant and problematic issues dealt with design tools machines and their mechanisms.

In 1950 he published his book in print "Setting up automatic and semi-turning", which was written with MP Bondar and AJ blade, in 1956 - the second edition, and in 1957 this book was published in China. In 1949 released book "Turning automatic and semi-automatic".

In 1959, ML Orlikov involved in the development of the sector and the normal guidance materials NPM-106-59 "Cam mechanisms. Elements of the construction, the main methods of design".

M. L. Orlikov involved in research work carried department KPI machines, working with the engineering factories Kyiv, Berdichev, Zhitomir.

In 1973, prepared for the protection and heard at the special council MMI KPI doctoral thesis on "Problems of accuracy and performance lathe machines," which, unfortunately, has not been approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of the USSR.

In 1974 ... 1979 ML Orlikov works as a professor, and since 1980, is retiring and the contract is an assistant professor until the last days of life.

The direction of scientific research ML Orlikova - study the accuracy and productivity of CNC machines and mechanisms for the development of their target - was largely due to the specifics of regions of Ukraine, where z''yavylysya plants for the production of automatic machines and of course , personal design experience.

Today, the development of this area has led to the emergence of works to create a turning modules on aggregate-modular, clamping mechanisms of synthesis and manipulation of object automatic machines, machine tools with numerical control and flexible manufacturing systems, student-led ML Orlikova professor M. Kuznetsov.

In 1970 at the Department KPI machines and finally formed a scientific school for the study of the dynamics of machines. Headed this direction ML Orlikov. He wrote one of the first books on the dynamics of machines, which went through two editions.

ML Orlikov died February 6, 1998.

M. L. Orlikov left behind more than 120 scientific publications, including 10 books and more than 15 patents USSR concerning devices for automatic machines, the first of which ML Orlikov got a Rotary-revolving automatic machine in 1947 (copyright USSR Certificate №82658).

He has supervised 8 theses for the degree of candidate of technical sciences. His pupils are working at the Department of machines today.



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