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Strategy of Department development


A strategic direction of development of the chair "Design of machine-tools" is a constant movement forward with regard to the requirements of industry, science, labour market, the needs of the higher school.

So, there are the milestones of glorious path:

1935 - created Department "Metal-cutting machines" based on specialty "Cold treatment of metals".

1985 - Department takes the name of "Metal-cutting machines and equipment of flexible manufacturing systems".

1991 - the new name is "Designing of metal cutting machines and machines".

This is not just a change of names. We are always on the cutting edge of the needs of the industry.

Evidence? Many design projects, together with machine-building and machine building enterprises, inventors ' certificates of the USSR and patents, innovation in production. Only during the years of independence received about 100 patents.

1957 - The first edition of the book "Oelhydraulick" in the author's translation. M. Хаймовича as a textbook in Germany, and in 1965 - France and the UK.

1971...1976 - has a student design Bureau under the guidance of Professor J.M. Kuznetsova that performs a specific development.

The end of the 1970s - has been in the diamond industry, the first in the USSR двохшпиндельний semi bruting natural diamond crystals, created under the guidance of Professor Kuznetsov Y. Also published one of the first Soviet textbook at the rate of machine dynamics (author Orlikov).

1979 - the first in Ukraine is taught the course "Industrial robots" who put the Professor Spinu G., under whose leadership developed the first in Ukraine industrial robots for spot welding, which entered the international directories.

For the implementation of developments and inventions in the national economy - 2 gold, 3 silver and 7 bronze medals of VDNKH USSR. UNIVERSITIES, even research, which is the CRPD is the first educational institution.

1997 - begins teaching students-undergraduates many faculties of the CRPD three special disciplines of master's training , the right to teach we have won on the design basis. This is such disciplines as "mathematical modeling of processes and systems", "Patenting and copyright", "Bases of scientific researches".

In 2009 - is laid out for post-graduate students of KPI one, and since 2010 - four courses on the program "Doctor of philosophy", namely "Statistical dynamics of machines", "Special methods of scientific researches", "Computer support of the theory of designing machines", "Creatology and innovation".

2011 - in doctoral studies at the Department of 6 PhD students (from 50 just NTUU "KPI").

2005 - protected Ukraine's first doctoral dissertation on the spatial mechanisms of parallel kinematics (scientific supervisor Professor V. Strutinskiy).

We are at the cutting edge of science, the training of future scientists and highly qualified personnel.

2002 - licensed specialty "Intellectual property". The chair was unique: produces specialists for two different directions as "metal Cutting tools and systems" and "Intellectual property".

2004 - the first graduation of specialists on Intellectual property and accreditation of specialty.

In 2009 - license master of intellectual property.

2012 - waiting for the first issue of the master of intellectual property.

You are surprised by such a strange combination? Constructing of machines and intellectual property, technology and law? And we are not surprised, because a very logical explanation:

Is a long-term Experience of teaching the course "Basics of technical creativity", one of the first in the USSR. The inspirer and author of the course - of course, enthusiast: honored inventor of Ukraine, who himself has about 400 USSR author's certificates and patents of Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria - Professor Y. Kuznetsov. One of the last examples of the effectiveness of student Grysyuk O., who defended the master's thesis and is the author of 8 patents of Ukraine.

  • the Concept of training on intellectual property developed by the chair. It provides training of specialists-professionals for the enterprises of small and medium business, who can not only purchase the rights to objects of intellectual property, but also participate in their creation, commercialization and manufacturing. A necessary condition and a restriction of basic technical education at the level of the bachelor in engineering mechanics.
  • experience Gained and existing at the Department now scientific school on intellectual property have overcome this limitation.

We are creative, we are able to do themselves and teach others.

As we have managed to do so much?

We always have a goal and know how to reach it.

the main reason for all and the pledge of the future: we are hardworking, cherish traditions and constantly learn new.



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