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Report of the scientific circle "prototyping of digital servo systems and management tools parallel kinematics in the environment LabView» for 2014-2015 academic year

Far during the 2014-2015 academic year within the group "prototyping of digital servo systems and management tools parallel kinematics in the environment LabView» was formed actual tasks that relate to the circle as a whole and each member individually.
The work group is the most active part took seven students from the department "Design tools and machines." Regularly conducted practical training to enhance the knowledge of the course "Information" and "Basic scientific research" for software design of digital servo drives and control systems and analysis of experimental data. The practical part of projects executed using boards Arduino.
It was modernized prototype tracking systems in the environment of LabView based on the use of digital board accelerometer and gyroscope MPU-6050 to determine the angular and linear movement. At routines designed unit received the certificate of copyright. The system of control and prototype trohlankovoho manipulator implemented algorithms to improve the accuracy of positioning its working body through the use of algorithms for PID regulation. Work began on developing a prototype robotehnichnoho complex to form a three-dimensional model of the object using ultrasonic distance sensor system and an emergency stop of the machine using a pyroelectric infrared sensor.
The main results of the group were highlighted in two papers in nationwide student research in the disciplines: "CAD and computer modeling in engineering" (m. Kyiv), where work became the winner and received the diploma of III degree, and the group of specialties "Engineering" (m. Sumy), where work became the winner and received the diploma of III degree.

Studies conducted within the circle covered in theses and reports in university scientific conference of young scientists and students on the Day of Science, and the 90th anniversary of Vladimir Alexandrovich Fedortsya section "Mechanical Engineering", Ukrainian student scientific conference " Foreign languages ​​in the maelstrom of European integration: the development, research, translation "and discussed at the meeting of department number 18 of 10 May 2015.
Students were introduced to the basic requirements for the preparation of articles for publication in scientific journals and scientific articles prepared on the basis of the research. Further activities were formed in the reports at the conference and discussed at a meeting of designing tools and machines.



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