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History of Department

During the creation of the Kiev Polytechnical Institute on its mechanical Department was founded the Department of cold processing of metals on the basis of which in 1935 was organized by the Department "Metal-cutting machines and began the preparation of engineers in this direction. The organizer and the first head of Department was acting Professor A. Rabinovitch.

The Main scientific directions were studies of typical units turning machines and hydraulic drives of machine tools. Was founded by world-known scientific school of hydraulic machines Professor E. Khaimovich which soon became the head of Department.

the Monograph of the Professor Khaimovich (1965)

Students E. Khaimovich successfully engaged in scientific work, defended doctoral thesis (V. Kulik, A. Timchenko, O. Domrachev, V. Fedoretc, V. Tchkalov, M. Starodub, Lee Chang-These (China), М. Lych and others).

Staff of the Department of machine tools (1967)

In 1965 E. Khaimovich became the initiator of creation of the new Department of hydro-pneumo automatics. A new Department was headed by his disciple O. Domrachev, staff were former employees of the Department of machine-tools (V. Fedoretc, M. Pedchenko, Y. Eliseev).

Chair from the very beginning of its existence, had close ties with industry, to carry out such research and development for machine-tool and machine-building enterprises and introduced into production. Among the industrial partners of the chair can be distinguished Korsun-Shevchenkivsky, Gorodok and Proskurov machine tool building plants, Kiev and Kharkov factory of machines, JSC Berdichev machine-tool plant "Komsomolets", the Kharkov factory of grinding machine tools, factory "Arsenal", Kyiv), Institute of electric welding named. Paton electric welding Institute, Autogas (Gorky), Uralmash, a production Association"the Association of them. Korolev, bearing plants in Russia and Ukraine.

The Exhibition of the achievements of the CRPD (1975)
Torba V., Khaimovich E., Y. Kuznetsov.

Testing of the prototype of the first in the USSR machines for bruting natural diamond crystals (1977)

Department has been engaged in inventive activities and studies in which attracted students.

More than 150 inventions were introduced in the USSR, Bulgaria, China. For the implementation of developments and inventions in the national economy scientists the Department awarded a medal and diploma of the USSR VDNH.

Chucks, introduced in manufacture

Implemented in the production of equipment for processing of crystals of natural diamonds (1979 1984....)

Students and teachers near designed and manufactured at the Department stand for exploration of new ways of forming (1980)

In 1979, for the first time in Ukraine at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute at the Department of machines was introduced discipline "Industrial robots". Prepared and taught this course Professor G.Spinu - graduate KPI 1941.

At the seminar "the Use of robotics in GIS"

Protection of the real degree project "Robot-technical complex on the basis of multispindel lathe machine" (1986)

For the First time in Ukraine since 1998 started (associate Professor S.Chikin) course "Fundamentals of General engineering" for students of faculty of linguistics of future technical translators.

Since 1985 the Department got the name "metal-Cutting machines and equipment of flexible manufacturing systems"headed by Professor V. Fedoretc.

At the Department under the guidance of Professor V. Fedoretc based laboratory of computing techniques, which became further all-faculty and exists now.

In the first at the faculty of the laboratory of computing techniques

Classes in computer class

Since 1991, the Department got the name of "Constructing of machines and machines", it was headed by Professor V. Strutinskiy.

In the laboratory of machine tools with CNC

One of the new forms of work, based Department, was the creation of a body of certification of Metalworking and woodworking machinery, engineering products and quality systems, which is accredited in the system UkrSEPRO. This activity, which requires not only professional knowledge, but also an outstanding talent and administrative ability, was headed by associate Professor V. Shyshkin, who first received the status of the auditor certification. Certification center became a structural unit of the CRPD. It was attended by many teachers of the chair, which allows them to constantly improve their skills and have links with the industry.

the Lecturers are the employees of the Certification center

Based on the acquired experience of teaching of disciplines of the creative direction, the chair, in accordance with the order of the rector of NTUU "KPI", since 2002, organized a training for the profession 7.000002 "Intellectual property". The formation of this specialty is realized on the basis of scientific and methodological heritage of the Department. Teachers of the Department took part in preparation of the Standard of education on specialty "Intellectual property", maintain close working relations with the State Department of intellectual property in the framework of bilateral agreements.

Students of the Department with representatives of the WIPO worldwide Academy

Employees of the Department, its graduate students and students take an active part in various scientific conferences. Thanks to such activities expanding scientific contacts with educational institutions and enterprises of Ukraine and other countries.

Teachers and students of the Department on International industrial forum (2005)

Beginning of cooperation with the SCHUNK GmbH (2006)

During its existence the Department has trained thousands of engineers for the national economy, many of them became heads of industrial enterprises, scientists, teachers of high schools. Teaching work at the chair invited the leading scientists and specialists of enterprises and institutions of Ukraine (among them employees of the OSI them. A. M. V. Bakul NAS of Ukraine, doctor of Sciences Y.Filatov and V.Sidorko).

Actively is carried out at the Department the training of specialists of highest qualification. During the last 20 years the chair has prepared and defended 36 candidate and 16 doctoral theses.

Members of the Academic Council and graduates of doctoral studies, Department of post-doctoral

During existence of faculty staff has written more than 100 monographs, textbooks, many of which are translated foreign languages.

Scientists working at the Department, received a scientific recognition in the world. Noted the activities of the Department and its employees and in Ukraine: the Department has received gratitude at the state level, Professor V.Strutinskiy is the honored figure of science and technology, Professor Y.Kuznetsov - honored inventor and honoured worker of national education of Ukraine, marked the Academy of Sciences of higher school of Ukraine award of Yaroslav the Wise, Professor G.Spinu the winner of the State prize of Ukraine (1996) and state fellow of Ukraine.

Honoured science and technology worker of Ukraine, Professor Strutinskiy V.

Some differences Professor Kuznetsova J.

Diploma of laureate of the State prize of Ukraine, Professor Spinu G

Department of lives intensive creative life and thanks to their pupils and students remains young, efficient and creative.

Department of designing of machine-tools (2002)

First row - Eliseev J., Medintsev A., Spinu G., Strutinskiy V., Lomidze N., Lubenets L., Kirsenko A.
Second row - Lytvyn A., Belyaeva, A., *****, Pirkl N.,V. Shishkin, Verba I., Myasnikova N., Danilenko A., Protasov S., Geychuk V.
Third row - Novik N., Pedchenko M., Chikin S., Ibrahim al Refo, Kuznetsov J., Voloshin V., Samoilenko A., *****, Kostritsa S., Shevchenko A.


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