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Laboratory work

Лабораторна по зубофрезерному верстаті


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"Industrial robots and robotic systems"


•Last Updated on ••Friday•, 02 •October• 2015•• •Written by Дем'яненко Анатолій Сергійович• ••Friday•, 02 •October• 2015•

Guidance for control of the course "Industrial robots and robotic systems"


In the guidance set out the sequence of the control work on discipline "Industrial robots and robotic systems." Options zadvn given at the end of guidance. Option is chosen according to student number to the group list.


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The challenge to laboratonoyi № 2-4 of the course "Informatics"


•Last Updated on ••Friday•, 02 •October• 2015•• •Written by Дем'яненко Анатолій Сергійович• ••Wednesday•, 30 •September• 2015•

Topic - Plotting functions. Perform tasks for laboratory work in accordance with the list of options. The protocol at the time of laboratory work enough to give Print Screen executed tasks.


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Laboratory work Machine Tools


•Last Updated on ••Friday•, 02 •October• 2015•• •Written by Administrator• ••Friday•, 25 •September• 2015•

The challenge to laboratonoyi № 2-3 of the course "Informatics"


•Last Updated on ••Friday•, 02 •October• 2015•• •Written by Дем'яненко Анатолій Сергійович• ••Wednesday•, 23 •September• 2015•

ТTopic - Solving problems of analytical geometry using MS Excel. To do all the tasks for laboratory work. The protocol at the time of laboratory work Print Screen enough to give each task with the designation of the title - "Setting 1", "Target 2", etc


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