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Spine Gleb


Spine Gleb was born on May 16, 1918 in the town of Pervomaisk in Mykolaiv region.

In 1941 GA Spine successfully graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Engineering.

And the Great Patriotic War.

Mr. A. His back was sent to study at the Kiev Artillery School.

After the Artillery School GA Spine himself at the front, in the very hell of war.

Having fought half of Europe, he ended the war with the rank of lieutenant of artillery, and was discharged in 1948 as a captain already.

After that terrible war from the start to the finish, GA His back was awarded two medals and seventeen medals, including three combat.

After demobilization GA Spine worked at the Institute of Physics, USSR Academy of Sciences as a chief designer.

In 1949 ... 1951's he designed and created the first principle in the USSR lathe program management based on magnetic recording. Report this job GA His back gave in 1953 at the Scientific and Technical Council ENIMS "STANKIN".

From 1957 to 1969 G. Spine worked as head of the Institute of Automation USSR Ministry of instrument-making industry.

Under his leadership, together with the Institute of Cybernetics of the USSR, the work was performed for the creation of digital program control Gas cutting machine "Vanguard" by Nicholas shipyard. Done well as works on design automation technology for machine tools with program management.

During 1969 ... 1982 GA Spine worked as head of the Institute of Electric them. Paton. In the years under his supervision was the first in the USSR industrial robot for welding model YЭS-960, which entered the catalog "Modern robots", published in Moscow in 1984.

The subsequent scientific activity G. His back on the theory and practice of creating robotic technology systems for machine tools.

PhD thesis on "Automatic control machines using magnetic recording" GA Spine defended in Kiev Polytechnic Institute in 1957.

In 1969, G. Spine defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science on "Research and development of digital systems to automate the design and manufacture of machinery parts." Title Professor he received in 1981. In 1979, at the suggestion of the Department of machine tools KPI GA Spine first time in Ukraine created and began teaching the course "Industrial robots", and in 1982 began working at the department as a professor KPI.

Over the years, research activities G. His back has published over 140 scientific papers including monograph is "Promyshlennye robots quarrel" (1977). For a series of books on robotics G. His back was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine on Science and Technology for 1996. In addition to the above, in the scientific heritage GA back for another eight textbooks and monographs.

Mr. A. His back has trained six candidates and two doctors of technical sciences. He was awarded the title of Distinguished Lecturer KPI. As a prominent figure in science and technology, GA His back was getting a lifetime government scholarship.

Mr. At His back had diverse hobbies. He loved to travel. In delegations he visited many countries. GA is also fond of photography Spine.

GA Life Spine ended August 16, 2006.

Until recently, GA His back was dedicated, working as a professor, consultant Department "Design tools and machines" of "KPI".


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