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Ephraim Chaimovich


Chaimovich Ephraim was born April 1, 1900 in the village Nehayivka Sosnytsya district in Chernihiv family servant, bookkeeper. Since 1905 sim''ya lived in Zhitomir.

In 1919, EM Chaimovich graduated from Zhitomir Commercial College, then worked as a teacher in schools in Zhitomir.

In 1922, he was seconded Union "RABOTOUHOS" and Volyn Hubprofradoyu study in the CPI, graduating in 1926, specializing in "Metal Cutting Machines". Assigned to the shipyard in Nikolayev, where he worked until December 1931 and taught at the same time in the evening department of the Mykolayiv Shipbuilding Institute.

After defending his thesis "Study kromkostruhalnyh machines" was transferred to the position of supervisor of metal cutting sector UkrNDIMash, where he worked until 1935. At the same time he worked since 1932. Professor evening Kiev Industrial Institute, since 1937 - the Kiev Industrial Institute.

The organizer and the first head of the Department of machines CPI was Acting duties of Professor A. Rabinovich, and one of the first teachers - Acting Professor EM duties Chaimovich The research EM Chaimovich in machine tools and aircraft and was due choice of one of the main areas of research: the study of the hydraulic drive machines. When the department was established as a small design office, which has developed several types of drawing machines.

When KPI successfully operated VNITOMASH cell, which included professors, associate professors, lecturers and researchers of the Institute. VNITOMASH members, among whom was EM Chaimovich organized in 1934 Kiev regional branch and led most of its committees. EM Chaimovich led committee equipment.

YE.M. Chaimovich research on the theory of structures and mechanisms and hydraulic machines hidroavtomatyky over issues related to hidrokopiyuvalnyh devices for the treatment of complex shaped forms.

In 1936 published the book EM Chaimovich "Hydraulic drives in machine tools," in 1937 - "boring machines, their research and calculation".

In 1939, EM Chaimovich doctorate of hydraulic servo systems and machine tools in 1940 was approved in the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences and the title of Professor. From 1938 to 1941 Professor EM Chaimovich was Dean of MMF. During this period he organized laboratory hydraulic machines.

During the Great Patriotic War, from 1941 to 1944 at the Department of the Institute were evacuated to Tashkent, where squares fit to the Central Asian Industrial Institute. At this time EM Chaimovich became head of the department of machine tools.

The Institute, and with it the chair back to Kyiv in August 1944. The school was destroyed. I had to restore destroyed classroom and laboratory equip them with the necessary equipment and devices.

Department staff in the postwar years conducted extensive scientific work and work to assist the industry in developing new technical equipment.

In 1947 published the book EM Chaimovich "Hydraulic actuators machines" in 1950. "Hidroavtomatyka copy machines," in 1953, "Hydraulic and hidroavtomatyka machines." In 1957, scientific work EM Chaimovich published in Czechoslovakia in 1957 ... 1959 out 3 books for schools "Olhydraulik". Publication Manual repeat in 1965 and 1968. In 1965, the book EM Chaimovich issued in the UK and France.

Much of his life dedicated EM Chaimovich hidropnevmoavtomatytsi realizing its importance not only for machine tools, but also for other areas of technology and economy. He initiated the creation in 1965 of the Department KPI hidropnevmoavtomatyky, the first head of which was his disciple prof. AF Domrachev.

In all scientific and engineering development department is actively involved not only the EM Chaimovich, but his graduate students. EM Chaimovich trained more than 30 postgraduate students from around the world. Students EM Chaimovich later successfully engaged in scientific work, many of them founded the scientific school, doctorate (VK Kulik, A. Timchenko, AF Domrachev, VA Fedorets, B . Chkalov, N. Starodub, Lee Chang Qi (China), N. Leach, VB Strutynsky).

For achievements in scientific and educational activities EM Chaimovich awarded the Order "Badge of Honor" and the medal "For Labor Valor".

There. M. Chaimovich headed the department until 1976, then worked as a professor and consultant to the last days of his life.

Before his 80th birthday EM Chaimovich had over 100 published works, including more than 20 books published in the USSR and abroad.

EM Chaimovich died July 16, 1980. He created a scientific school with hydraulic machines known in many countries and successfully develops and operates.


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