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The right of choice

The Department of Designing of machines and machines carries out preparation of students on two specialties and three educational and qualification levels.

The First 4 years the students study according to the bachelor in the direction of "engineering".

After the bachelor's degree the student has the right to continue education on specialist (1.5 years), or master (2 years) in the following specialties:

All of the specialty of the Department is licensed and accredited in the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine.

Training is a free and is carried out under the state order.


Competitive case

An Applicant should submit to the admissions office 3 set certificates: Ukrainian language and literature, mathematics and physics.

Specialized disciplines is mathematics and physics.

Certificate Ukrainian language must contain a at least 124 points.

Specialized subjects - mathematics and physics of the certificate must contain a not less than 150 points, provided that the other contains at least 140 points.

Membership Application can be submitted to the admission Commission with during July 2014.

Educational process

At the Department of Designing of machines and machines" educational process is provided by highly qualified teaching staff, which numbers 25 teachers. Among them 4 doctors and 17 candidates of Sciences.

A lot of young promising teachers of inmates of our Department.

The Department also developed engineering and technical maintenance of educational process - engineers on educational work, training wizard, employees of the laboratory.

Master degree

Masters - the future scientific elite. Therefore, in magistracy take far not all. Average NTUU "KPI" quota for preparation of masters is about 20% of the number of bachelors.

Thanks to the significant research work quota for preparation of masters Department "Designing of machine-tools" is about 65 percent of the number of bachelors.

Military training

Students-boys studying at the Department of Designing of machine-tools", can pass military training and the rank of reserve officer (second Lieutenant).

Training on faculty of military preparation is happening on III-IV courses. A set of training is carried out on a competitive basis.

Student and science

At the Department of Designing of machines and machines capable of students are attracted to the implementation of the scientific work.

Currently, The Department is actively developing such scientific directions:

  • hydro- pneumatic systems;
  • the dynamics of machines, processes and systems;
  • targeted mechanisms machines and CNC machines;
  • mathematical modeling of processes and systems;
  • industrial robots and robotic systems;
  • process equipment with parallel kinematics;

The Department maintains scientific contacts with a number of domestic and foreign partners from Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Belarus and other countries.


Students of the Department of Designing of machines and machines" get deep training and become highly qualified broad specialists.

Specialty "metal-Cutting machines and systems" they receive advanced engineering preparation of design and technology of manufacturing of machine tools, industrial robots and other machines. They are at a high professional level trained in modern methods of designing systems CAD, CAM, CAE, finding technical solutions of theoretical and experimental studies machines.

The Graduates can carry out at a high professional level programming on personal computers, CAD technical systems (AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, Autodesk Inventor), mathematical modeling ( MathCAD, Matlab), patent and licensing activity, technical service and repair of machines, production organization.


Training in Germany

Students of the Department of Designing of machines and machines" have the right parallel learning Joint Ukrainian-German faculty of mechanical engineering, which operates in the NTUU "KPI".

This faculty prepares specialists international level, and tuition for the master's degree program (the V-VI courses) happens in Germany at the Otto-von-Guericke University. Magdeburg.

Studying at the Department and at the joint faculty, students receive both two master degree from NTUU "KPI" and Otto-von-Guericke University.


All nonresident students are provided with hostel block type.

The Block consists of two rooms, a dressing room and bathroom. On each floor has two kitchens. Hostel multi-storey and is equipped with elevators.

The Hostel is located at the Campus, adjacent to the main buildings of the NTUU "KPI". So no need to spend a lot of time and money the way.




Each student could free use highly qualified medical services student polyclinics, sanatorium and four summer sports and recreation campslocated in the Carpathian mountains, on the Black sea, in the Kiev reservoir and on the Dnieper.


The students are offered Scientific andtechnical library, a Sports complex and Centre of culture and arts.

Scientific technical library occupies a separate large premises, contains 15 specialized reading rooms open access to books and has in its Fund of about 3 million copies of various literature.

Sports complex offers students the opportunity to engage in many kinds of sport: athletics gymnastics, aerobics, basketball, Boxing, wrestling, volleyball, shooting, athletics, table tennis, swimming, gymnastics, Hiking, tennis, shaping.

Arts and cultural Center invites the collectives of Amateur art: folk dance ensemble, the chapel of bandura players, choral chapel, theater lovers, the ensemble of sports ball dance, vocal ensemble, vocal Studio of pop singing, playing the guitar, ensemble of modern choreography.

Employment and career

The graduates of the chair "Design of machine-tools" is a constant and strong demand. In average, one of the graduate falls 2...3 real application from various enterprises and institutions.

Our graduates work as managers and heads of government agencies, heads and experts in various branches of industry. They successfully work in the areas of management. marketing in Ukraine and abroad.

The Graduates work in scientific research, design institutes, industrial enterprises of machine-building, instrument-making, transport, electronic, aerospace and other industries of national economy.

Our graduates can work in the field of patent and invention works, scientific and technical information, certification and standardization, marketing, market introduction of new techniques and technologies.


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