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Michael Orlikov


Orlikov Michael was born September 9, 1911 in Elisavetgrad (now - Kirovograd) Kherson province in sim''yi teacher. In dev''yat years left an orphan and raised his elder brother.

He graduated from the seven-year school in Kirovohrad and in 1927 entered the Kiev mechanical college, after which in 1930 worked as a technician on the equipment at the Kiev Machine-Building Plant named after Artem.

In 1933, he entered the second year of the CPI, which ended in "Metal Cutting Machines" with honors and received the recommendation to graduate school.

Until 1945 he worked in the design office Kiev stankozavod Gorky, was engaged in designing automatic machines that were introduced into production. For his work in the factory ML Orlikov was twice awarded an A certificate of socialist competition USSR People's Commissariat of machine tools.

M. L. Orlikov actively engaged in research and in 1939 the job was a postgraduate student of Polytechnic Institute, where his supervisor was Professor EM Chaimovich.

International Student interrupted by World War II. Together with the plant ML Orlikov was evacuated to the Urals city of Kyzyl and only in 1945 did not want to graduate school classes.

In 1947, he defended his thesis "Studies idle passages Single spindle turning machines" and began working at the department of machine tools Kiev Polytechnic Institute, first as an assistant, and since 1954 - Associate Professor.

Being engaged in teaching, he broke communicate with native plant and problematic issues dealt with design tools machines and their mechanisms.

In 1950 he published his book in print "Setting up automatic and semi-turning", which was written with MP Bondar and AJ blade, in 1956 - the second edition, and in 1957 this book was published in China. In 1949 released book "Turning automatic and semi-automatic".

In 1959, ML Orlikov involved in the development of the sector and the normal guidance materials NPM-106-59 "Cam mechanisms. Elements of the construction, the main methods of design".

M. L. Orlikov involved in research work carried department KPI machines, working with the engineering factories Kyiv, Berdichev, Zhitomir.

In 1973, prepared for the protection and heard at the special council MMI KPI doctoral thesis on "Problems of accuracy and performance lathe machines," which, unfortunately, has not been approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of the USSR.

In 1974 ... 1979 ML Orlikov works as a professor, and since 1980, is retiring and the contract is an assistant professor until the last days of life.

The direction of scientific research ML Orlikova - study the accuracy and productivity of CNC machines and mechanisms for the development of their target - was largely due to the specifics of regions of Ukraine, where z''yavylysya plants for the production of automatic machines and of course , personal design experience.

Today, the development of this area has led to the emergence of works to create a turning modules on aggregate-modular, clamping mechanisms of synthesis and manipulation of object automatic machines, machine tools with numerical control and flexible manufacturing systems, student-led ML Orlikova professor M. Kuznetsov.

In 1970 at the Department KPI machines and finally formed a scientific school for the study of the dynamics of machines. Headed this direction ML Orlikov. He wrote one of the first books on the dynamics of machines, which went through two editions.

ML Orlikov died February 6, 1998.

M. L. Orlikov left behind more than 120 scientific publications, including 10 books and more than 15 patents USSR concerning devices for automatic machines, the first of which ML Orlikov got a Rotary-revolving automatic machine in 1947 (copyright USSR Certificate №82658).

He has supervised 8 theses for the degree of candidate of technical sciences. His pupils are working at the Department of machines today.


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