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Language courses

Dear colleagues!

reporting the following language courses abroad:

- study German speech in Bavaria (more);

- study Czech Language the Czech Republic (more);

- study German language in the Technical University of Ilmenau (more);

- study French Language (more).




 Шановні студенти!

25 лютого 2015 року о 14.15. у корпусі № 1, ауд. 214

відбудеться I етап Всеукраїнськой студентськї олімпіади з 

Запрошуємо усіх бажаючих!

Зпрошує кафедра "Конструювання верстатів та машин"

 Механіко-машинобудівного інституту

За довідками звертатися по тел.

 (044) 454-94-61,

e-mail: •This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it•



Note, w anovn and students! In NTUU "KPI" from 01.19.2015 p. 1-2 approved by "order of receipt and payment finished the Diploma Supplement; European model "in which vstnavleni following positions:

1. Student final year or a person who graduated from universities, & nbsp; submit & nbsp; application at & nbsp; obtaining the Diploma Supplement European standard & nbsp; and documents; the chair/dean to a part:

- Passport and passport for travel abroad;

- copy identification Tax Number;

- and copy of the diploma application (for graduates);

- copy receipts of & nbsp; charge (after receipt). & nbsp;


if no passport for travel abroad, student / graduate submit; application, which indicates surname, name and patronymic (hereinafter PIB); Latin transliteration on the rules defined by the

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 27.01.2010r. Number 55; thus agreeing with transliteration name.

Student pay cost (67 USD. 92 kopecks.) Diploma Supplement in accounting faculty for three days after the last protection / exam. Accounting  Faculty gives students the receipt ; according to the list of students who provides responsible.

( Students who produced in January will not pay slips to manufacture dodatka.Narazi pay application is not & nbsp; possible! Accounting departments / institutions will begin issuing receipts only after signing the contract. The approximate date 04,02,2015 year . )

& nbsp;

graduate pay the cost of the Diploma Supplement & nbsp; On receipt received by & nbsp; in Accounting University (kim.210-2 Building 1), & nbsp; upon application by a visa (name, position, signature, date) is responsible for order.

Deadlines for application to obtain the Diploma Supplement:

- for students for the Bachelor's Degree, Specialist and Master within 2 months to graduation;

-  for graduates - from 1 to 31 October and 1 to March 31 each year.

&Template application






















New book

Released a new tutorial. Y. Kuznetsov, Salenko O., Kharchenko A., Shchetinin V. PROCESS EQUIPMENT CNC: mechanisms and osnaschennya.-Kremenchug-Kyiv-Sevastopol: Izd "Point", 2014-yer .: 500C.

Guide contains general information, design features, kinematic circuit, short technical description of modern equipment for automated production, examples of some units of machines, including parallel kinematics, circuit layouts of flexible manufacturing systems, schematic diagrams and structure elements equipment for physical-technical processing. The manual is useful for teachers and students in the discipline of metalworking equipment, performance of the year, graduation projects and master's theses.




Information on diplomas


Dear teachers and students. For timely execution of orders 5-132 from 11/18/2014 Yakimenko  Yu. Need before conduct defense of  theses (for the Bachelor's Degree, Specialist and Master) to provide the Department of Design machine tools information (name of student, topic thesis (Ukr. Language ) topic thesis (Eng. version)) for custom application European standard



A new tutorial

Was published a new tutorial "Patent and copyright".

Kuznetsov Yu, Mikulonok I, Samoylenko O. Workshop on discipline "Patent and Copyright". - K: NTUU "KPI", 2014. - 317 c.

You can it be found in bookstores 1st campus (first floor).


Всеукраїнський конкурс студентських наукових робіт

•There are no translations available.•

Шановні колеги!

Запрошуємо до участі у 1 турі Всеукраїнського конкурсу студентських наукових робіт

Заявки та матеріали наукових робіт надсилайте на адресу:  •This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it•

Оргкомітет 1 туру конкурсу, кафедра прикладної механіки НТУУ"КПІ". 

Контактні телефони: 4068454, 0972889031 Лукавенко Василь Петрович



Session of the Department

Dear Colleagues!

December 10, 2014 at 14-15 a Session of the Department


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New information

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