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Шановні Студенти та випускники кафедри

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Досягнення випускника кафедри в галузі "Інтелектуальна власність"

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3 листопада в 214 ауд. відбувся тематичний семінар «Перспективи працевлаштування студентів» кафедри конструювання верстатів та машин. На семінарі були присутні стунденти 5-6 курсу напрямку «Інтелектувальна власність» та всі бажаючі студенти з молодших курсів механіко-машинобудівного інституту. Активну участь в семінарі прийняли викладачі кафедри, особливо ті, хто читають дисципліни зі спеціалізації «Інтелектуальна власність». В семінарі прийняв участь випускник кафедри Гончаренко Олександр, що в 2013 році закінчив механіко-машинобудівний інститут, спеціалізацію «Інтелектуальна власність». Олекандр поділився цікавим досвідом створення власного стартапу.





Congratulations prof. Kuznetsova Y. with the election of a full academician of the International Academy of Sciences on the international community recognized outstanding scientific achievements and innovations using genetic and morphological approach allows for innovative breakthrough in the domestic machine-building, particularly in machine tool - core engineering.


Educational and Scientific Center NTUU "KPI"


"Arms and Security"


From 09/22/15 to 2509.15 in Kiev International Exhibition Center held XII International exhibition "Arms and Security". The exhibition was attended by members of the National Technical University of Ukraine, including teachers and students of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Cair of Machine tools and machinery.



Open Days




Open Days







Camp №1

r. 249


The conference in Kherson

In KHNTU (m. Kherson) from 15.09 to 18.09 Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Modern technologies of industrial complex" (STPK - 2015), which took part scientists of the department of designing tools and machines. Plenary speakers were Professor. Kuznetsov Y. (Co-rapporteur Prof. Shinkarenko VF) on "Mezhdystsyplynarnыy approach for modeling and creation slozhnыh эlektromehanycheskyh systems Example motor spindle" and prof. Shevchenko OV entitled "Expansion of technological possibilities tooling Rotary group." In sessions with presentations made by Assoc. O Yurchushun and Al. Dem, Yanenko A .. The conference program included reports and other scientists of the Department (published in conference materials included). Presentations KHNTU rector prof. YM Bardachova and the first rector prof. Pink YG noted on many years of fruitful cooperation with NTU "KPI", and in particular with the Department of construction tools and machines, which led by prof. Kuznetsova Y. theses graduates KHNTU - Doctor Dmitriev D, Ph.D. Podolsky M, Stepanenko O. and work on the completion of post-graduate master's theses Keba P Rozhko A, M Manzhola.


Conference in Odessa

In Odessa was held XXIII International Scientific Workshop "Interpartner-2015", organized by NTU "KPI" and UNPU.

Seminar opened with greetings rectors Oborskyy G (Odessa) and E Sokol (Kharkiv). The first plenary speaker was interesting E Sokol on "Cluster approach as the basis of the quality of education." The second plenary presentation of NTU "KPI" made by prof. Department of designing tools and machines Kuznetsov Y. on "Evolutionary and genetic synthesis process equipment of the new generation", which aroused interest and support of all present (attached basic content of the report published in the international scientific and technical collection NTU "KPI" «CUTTING & TOOL», Vol. 85, 2015. -p. 149-162).The workshop was attended by scientists of Ukraine, the Baltic states, Georgia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Germany, Nigeria, UK.


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