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Open Days


•Last Updated on ••Wednesday•, 21 •October• 2015•• •Written by Administrator• ••Wednesday•, 23 •September• 2015•




Open Days







Camp №1

r. 249

Enter to the Mechanical Engineering


•Last Updated on ••Thursday•, 17 •September• 2015•• •Written by Administrator• ••Thursday•, 17 •September• 2015•

1. Reasons for joining Mechanical Engineering

1. Getting quality technical education in the MMI
2. Free training for MMI
3. Complete all nonresident housing
4. Availability scholarships 730 USD / month (increased 830 UAH / month)
6. Scholarships to 3,000 USD / month
7. The ability to get a second degree (economic, legal)
8. The ability to receive the rank of officer in the military department of NTU "KPI"
9. Free access to the sports complex NTU "KPI"
10. Preferential recovery and about the sea and the Carpathians
11. Availability of preparatory courses for entry

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Scientific and technical meeting!!!


•Last Updated on ••Tuesday•, 15 •September• 2015•• •Written by Administrator• ••Saturday•, 12 •September• 2015•

 On The Chair Machine tools and machinery system 09.09.2015 was Scientific and technical meeting with teachers and students of all courses. This event has been held for the first time and its main purpose is to attract young people to science students. Typically conducted in the laboratory Machine tools meeting to facilitate the proper atmosphere.



Opened the meeting Head of Chair Professor Doctor of Technical Sciences. V. Strutynsky where he revealed the nature of the meeting (pictured above)

           The meeting covering the following issues:

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Preparatory courses


•Written by Administrator• ••Wednesday•, 09 •September• 2015•

NTUU "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" and the Institute for Education Quality Monitoring announces admission for students 10 and 11 grades on preparatory courses in physics, mathematics and UKRAINIAN language and literature.
The plan provides for the preparation of students for lecture sessions, scheduled tests, knowledge tests with the help of rating activities (individual certification of individual sections of mathematics, physics). The course starts - October 2015
Training paid. In 2014-2015r. payment was UAH 350 per month. Additionally paid training materials and control measures. After successful completion of the training program students who passed all tests, receive a certificate, the presence of which applicants for admission to NTUU "KPI" are awarded extra points to the overall ranking (to the total score Certificates external independent testing) that can play a decisive role in admission to our university.
Form of studies on preparatory courses:
1. Evening studies: - three times a week from 16.10 to 18.35 - for students of 10th and 11th grades.
2. external studies: - classes are held on Saturdays from 09.00 to 15.00 - for students of 10th and 11th grades.
3. Part-time study: - consultations on Saturdays. For more information contact: m. Kyiv, Victory Ave, 37, building 1, kim.227, tel. (044) 454-94-58 Kovtun Elena


Scientific and technical meeting


•Last Updated on ••Tuesday•, 08 •September• 2015•• •Written by Administrator• ••Monday•, 07 •September• 2015•

Dear lecturer and students
Chair of machine tools and machinery system
We inform you that held 09.09.2015 Scientific and technical meeting lecturer and students of 1-4 courses!


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