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•Last Updated on ••Tuesday•, 02 •February• 2016•• •Written by Administrator• ••Tuesday•, 02 •February• 2016•

Dear graduates who want to enter the engineering profession Sector
Industry” knowledge "Mechanical Engineering"!

From the first year students of the department are actively involved in scientific work within groups led by teachers.
3rd year student project:
The mobile platform with three degrees of freedom with mechanisms of parallel structure.


The mechatronic system consists of a fixed platform (base), on which three servos are mounted. A kinematic chain of crank mechanism type provides the moving platform displacement and its output in a given position. The control system is implemented using an Arduino microcontroller. Mechatronic system provides the trajectory programming by the means of Arduino IDE and visual programming language LabView.

Dear colleagues,


•Written by Administrator• ••Friday•, 15 •January• 2016•

We invite you to participate in the H II Scientific Conference "International scientific cooperation: principles, mechanisms, efficiency", to be held 10-11 March 2016 at the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (Department of International Economics, Department of Management and Marketing).

Please note that the changed details for payment of the registration fee.

More information can be found in the attachment and on the official website of the department.

Organizing Committee

Tel. 044 204 91 03 044 204 98 60

Web site: http://www.ied.kpi.ua


Інформація для вступника кафедри Конструювання верстатів і машин


•Last Updated on ••Thursday•, 24 •December• 2015•• •Written by Administrator• ••Tuesday•, 15 •December• 2015•

Specialization "Intellectual Property in engineering"

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Information for applicants


•Last Updated on ••Friday•, 27 •November• 2015•• •Written by Administrator• ••Friday•, 27 •November• 2015•

Under new rules taking students for 2016/2017 academic year

Department of Design tools and machines will prepare students

specialty 133 "BRANCH ENGINEERING"

13 in the direction of "Mechanical Engineering"

Scheme for bachelor, master, PhD.

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Open Days


•Last Updated on ••Wednesday•, 16 •December• 2015•• •Written by Administrator• ••Wednesday•, 21 •October• 2015•


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