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Кафедра конструювання верстатів та машин

International IP Day


•Last Updated on ••Thursday•, 28 •April• 2016•• •Written by Administrator• ••Thursday•, 28 •April• 2016•

The main program began with a tribute to Yuri Kuznetsov, a Ukrainian inventor, academician of the Academy of Sciences of higher education of Ukraine, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of designing of machine-tools, mechanical engineering Institute, National technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (NTUU "KPI"). For outstanding achievements in the field of innovation, for significant contribution to the development of science and technology in the Ukraine Yuri Kuznetsov was awarded the gold medal "Outstanding inventor" of the world intellectual property organization (WIPO). Its activities in the field of science of invention, implementation of own scientific and technical developments and inventions in the industry Yuriy Kuznetsov leads since 1968. He made a significant contribution to scientific and technical progress of machine-building complex of Ukraine in the creation of new generation machines, machinery and tooling. More than 70 of his inventions have been used by 350 enterprises of Ukraine, Bulgaria and the countries of the former USSR. A personal contribution of academician Kuznetsova has about a thousand published scientific papers, he has 400 patents of the USSR, Bulgaria and patents of independent Ukraine (31 single-handedly), 24 monographs and reference books, 8 textbooks and 34 tutorials. After receiving the medal of WIPO, Yuri Kuznetsov said that this honorary award dedicates to everyone who is formed from his creative personality in school, specialized clubs and UNIVERSITIES, and expressed special gratitude to the NTUU "KPI", where he has been working for more than half a century, teaching to create machines, design of robotic complexes and systems of new generation and nurturing future Edisons and Ukrainian kulibinyh. (Information taken from the official website UIPI.



•Last Updated on ••Thursday•, 28 •April• 2016•• •Written by Administrator• ••Thursday•, 28 •April• 2016•

Student 3rd year diploma of the third degree


Екскурсія в УІПВ


•Last Updated on ••Thursday•, 14 •April• 2016•• •Written by Administrator• ••Thursday•, 14 •April• 2016•

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12 квітня в день космонавтики студенти НТУУ «КПІ» 5 курсу груп ІВ -51с та ІВ-51м спеціальності інтелектуальна власність кафедри Конструювання верстатів та машин ММІ» були запрошені до  Державного підприємства «Український інститут интелектуальної власності» (Укрпатент) на заходи , присвячені Дню інтелектуальної власності, який відзначається щороку 26 квітня в день народження ВОІВ – Всесвітньої організації інтелектуальної власності. Заходи  проходили у форматі ознайомлення з експозицією Музею правової охорони інтелектуальної власності. З викладачів кафедри були присутні доцент Литвин О.В. та аспірант Ящук І.Р.

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•Last Updated on ••Monday•, 08 •February• 2016•• •Written by Administrator• ••Monday•, 08 •February• 2016•

Dear colleagues!
I inform you that on April 6-8 will be another international conference "Young Science. Technology of mechanical engineering".
I hope that with your participation we will be able to hold it at a high level with a wide representation of students and young scientists in the field of mechanical engineering technology. Since the publication free of charge for you, I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

I wish you success and hope for fruitful cooperation!

Head of Department. engineering Technology
Donbass State Engineering Academy
prof. Kovalevsky S.

Infotmation later


Dear colleagues,


•Written by Administrator• ••Friday•, 15 •January• 2016•

We invite you to participate in the H II Scientific Conference "International scientific cooperation: principles, mechanisms, efficiency", to be held 10-11 March 2016 at the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (Department of International Economics, Department of Management and Marketing).

Please note that the changed details for payment of the registration fee.

More information can be found in the attachment and on the official website of the department.

Organizing Committee

Tel. 044 204 91 03 044 204 98 60

Web site: http://www.ied.kpi.ua


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