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Кафедра конструювання верстатів та машин

Session of the Department


•Written by Administrator• ••Monday•, 08 •December• 2014•

Dear Colleagues!

December 10, 2014 at 14-15 a Session of the Department

Attention! IPO


•Last Updated on ••Saturday•, 27 •December• 2014•• •Written by Administrator• ••Tuesday•, 02 •December• 2014•

Dear Colleagues!

Please be informed that the educational and methodical complex "Institute of Continuing Education" NTUU "KPI", due to changes in the educational process in the 2014-2015 academic year and the need for the introduction of distance learning tools, provides an additional set of training in the following programs:

1. The development of distance learning courses using Moodle platform

2. Creating and using web-resources Academic discipline

Proposal valid for an additional set of teaching staff, which in 2014-2015 academic year not enrolled to study at IPO according to the applications submitted.

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•Last Updated on ••Saturday•, 27 •December• 2014•• •Written by Administrator• ••Tuesday•, 25 •November• 2014•



Dear students and graduates! You have the opportunity to obtain an additional application to the Diploma of Higher Education European standard. This document is issued to graduates of higher educational institutions of all forms of ownership and subordination in order to provide the information necessary for an objective assessment of the qualification (degree) of higher education obtained by a person who received a diploma of higher education. Each interested student and graduate of the department Design of machine-tools NTUU "KPI" (no earlier than the year 2008) may receive such an application. To do this, you must apply to the Department of the  Design of machine-tools for the organization issuing diploma supplements Vakulenko Sergey 228a-1, and apply with the necessary documents (examples of statements attached). Deadline for submitting the application for application for students - not later than 2 months before the end of training for graduates - from 1 to 31 October and from 1 to 30 April each year. The cost of the Diploma Supplement European model as of September 1, 2014 is - 67 UAH. 92 kopecks. Payment of the cost of additions students spend after defending degree works (within three days) and sends a copy of the receipt by the Department of Responsibility.

The basic package of documents for student applications: copies of passport and passport for travel abroad, a copy of ID, a copy of the receipt of payment, a copy of the diploma and the application (for graduates). In the absence of a passport for travel abroad, the student writes a statement which indicates Name Latin by the rules of transliteration, agreeing thus with the translation.

What makes Diploma Supplement?

• provides international clarity diploma (higher education qualification);

• promotes academic and professional recognition of qualifications;

• provides an objective description of achievements and competencies of graduates;

• promotes the employment of graduates in the country and abroad;

• making institution known outside the country.


Sample application

An application for a supplement to the diploma European standard (DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT) for graduates

An application for a supplement to the diploma European standard (DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT) for students

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Ukrainian competition of student research papers


•Last Updated on ••Wednesday•, 12 •November• 2014•• •Written by Administrator• ••Wednesday•, 12 •November• 2014•

Dear Colleagues!

Inform you about a Ukrainian competition of student research papers in natural, technical and humanitarian sciences in the 2014/2015 academic year (order in file).


Conference in Gomel


•Last Updated on ••Tuesday•, 11 •November• 2014•• •Written by Administrator• ••Tuesday•, 11 •November• 2014•

Dear Colleagues!

23-24 October 2014 in Belarus in Gomel in Gomel State Technical University. P.O.Suhoho took X Scientific and Technical Conference "Modern Problems of Mechanical Engineering," in which took part delegation of MMI "KPI" As part of Professor of the department Design machine tools and machines Kuznetsov Y, assistant professor Litvin O. and PhD students Demyaneko A. more info


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